Personal Experiences


  Working with Dorothy completely changed the way I looked at life, she helped me understand what was important to me and helped me focus on the goals I wanted to accomplish. The most important goal to my family was relocating back to where we grew up so that we could be back with our families. I worked with Dorothy on many goals but to our surprise my husband and I set ourselves up in a position to transfer with our jobs, sell our house, buy a new house and move with our toddler. We never thought our move would happen so quickly and that we could be in a position to do it. Dorothy really helped us make it happen it was incredible!!!!! We will always have to her to thank for the guidance!”    Cara



'Dorothy has a keen ability to sense when I’ve become frustrated or reached a dead end in my thinking. She can quickly turn the conversation around to another focus or ask another question to get me in different direction. She never pushes me to have all the answers in one conversation. And she never pushes her ideas on me either.'  Charmaine   


  Dorothy is one of those rare coaches whose gentleness and understanding lead one to the waters of revelation, wherein change occurs. She listens, truly listens and thus invites one to listen to themselves. It is in this quiet synergy that she helps one realize just how important and powerful he or she truly is.  Kamilla